Gah! It's been forever since I've posted. I've been uninspired with amusing material of late. Actually, I've been so tired lately it's all I can do to stay awake past Judah. I'm hoping this beautiful summer sunshine perks me up soon! My camera has also been dead for close to 2 months now - horrors!! And I've been slow at getting it repaired, so I've had no visuals to share either. I promise to remedy this situation in the next week (I like long-term deadlines) and get this blog back up on it's exciting track - ha!

Now then- a quick recap of life...

Luke's done, done, done school (for the year) and made the Dean's list despite telling me about 673 times that he would probably fail at least one course. Go genius hubby!!

Our amazing cousins Ben and Erin came to visit us yesterday. Luke and Ben built a stunning pergola in a corner of the backyard. We have shade!!

My sisters are in Spain. My father is in Birmingham England. My sister-in-law is in France. My brother is in Missouri in the path of a tornado. All the rest of my in-laws are in Malawi.

And I'm in London, Ontario listening to the neighbours set off fireworks while it's still light out...what have I done wrong?

The rapture didn't happen. I guess I actually will have to clean my bathroom.

The splash pad at the park is open! Would it be weird to squat beside it in a tent for the summer?

Judah is voluntarily sitting on the potty for long periods of time. He doesn't actually do anything on it...but he sits there...baby steps!

There is a groundhog who frequently commutes using my driveway. I don't know where he could possibly be going, but he's fat and cute and I kind of want to tame him...don't tell Luke.

We went to an amazing garden center today - bought some clematis and grapevine to grow over our pergola. Can't wait to taste those grapes!!

Judah's new favourite word: "outside!"
Judah's new favourite activity: shutting himself between the front door and the glass storm door- preferably without pants on. Bum cheek prints for everybody.
Judah's new favourite book: Babyberry Pie
Judah's new favourite object: His big boy bed!
Judah's new pronunciation for Oma: Elmo

Mommy's plan for the long weekend: sleep!

Goodnight world!

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