Whenever I miraculously discover a free moment during the day, I find myself turning to my phone or laptop for a wee tech-fix. Then the free moment ends and a toddler or preschooler starts requesting my undivided attention, only I can't oblige because my brain won't peel my eyes away from some super-beautiful Instagram photo of someone else's kid. Oh the irony.

This week, I visited my brother for a few days, to give Luke a chance to study for his finals. I left our phone at home so I could talk to him each night. I was unfettered from the insular web for three blissful days. It made me come to a few realizations:

1. I'm a more present, fun, engaged, loving parent when I'm unplugged.
2. The vast majority of the stuff I do online is just taking up space in my life/head and not contributing positively to the life we want to live.
3. I want my life to be lived in the wide-open world, not the world as seen on a screen.

So, here I am, about to make a public declaration (because otherwise I won't follow through. I just won't) that I'm giving up all tech in the presence of my kids. I want to be present. I want to have a leg to stand on when I ask them to stop texting...or time travelling... or whatever, at dinner when they are teenagers.

I may snap the occasional picture when they do something irresistibly adorable, but now you'll have to wait until they are asleep to see it.

I have two beautiful children and only one life to enjoy them.
I plan on doing just that.


Dear Neve,

Today is a very important day.
Today, you said no for the first time.

Now, I hope you will keep saying it.

I hope you will say no to unkindness in the world.
I hope you will say no to anything that judges another's worth based on their skin, sex, religion or accent.
I hope you will say no to politics that would destroy your world for temporary gain.
I hope you will say no when people tell you how to feel about your body.
I hope you will say no to anyone who tells you you can't do something, because you are a woman.
I hope you will say no to the machine which drives consumption and kills contentment.
I hope you will say no to any partner who will love you only with conditions.
I hope you will say no to any path which robs you of your passions.

I hope you will keep saying no.

Today is a very important day.
Today, you said no for the first time.


The Week That Was and the Giveaway Winner!

Top to bottom: 1. Annual Easter family photo past... 2. and present  3. Neve's first egg hunt
4. I forced my sister to cut off my hair  5. I'm so glad she did. 6. Judah and Neve discover the power of teamwork while raiding the candy stash 7. Jude and Daddy with their vintage Canadian Geographics  8.Navel gazing  9. Night weaning makes us all tired- pancakes for brekkie  10. Neve's water obsession  11. Cuddles and books with Gara (Grandad).

I'm thrilled to announce, Chris is the winner of our first ever giveaway, Nia Vardalos' new book Instant Mom!

Chris, just leave your email in the comment section below and we'll send your copy of the book to you this week. 

Thank you to everyone who left parenting tips. They were all fab!

For those who missed it, here's where you can check out my chat with Nia

Happy April 1 everyone!