Love-Hate Wednesday: the blue, bird edition

Well, it's Wednesday again. I wish I could wish you a happy one, but I'm too blue to do so. This pretty much sums me up...

Sad...and cat like.

I know that I don't really have anything to be blue about. There are a lot more people out there with true justification to be out of sorts (I love that phrase) ...but I'm having a pity party anyway, because I'm just feeling that pathetic. 
I blame it all on February...sorry February, I know you're trying hard with your rodent day and your love day, but I'm not going to meet you half way. I'm going to wallow in despising you.

If spring doesn't arrive soon I'm going to start walking towards to equator. Seriously.

Alright, now that I've got that out of my system, on to some loves!

Although I still don't love waking up at the crack of dawn, I really don't mind it too much. And I LOVE when I get to see some beautiful sunrises. 
Check out the remnant pink from this morning. Now if only I could do away with the neighbours' houses so rudely blocking my view!


I love that the chickadees have finally discovered our birdfeeder! 
It took them almost two weeks to decide it wasn't a diabolical death trap, set by the screaming machine who occupies the adjacent home...
I'm referring to Judah, not me.

 Now I love to watch them! They are so full of personality! Yes, I'm that terribly uncool person- the one who likes watching birds...
I'll wait while you prepare to give me a wedgie.

And finally, most awesome of all...

 I love the tent that Judah and my mom built. It was like a harem of all Judah's favourite things: a pot, a bowl, a spoon, a book, a truck, a live house cat and a Morai.

My favourite part of the tent, however, was the crazy static hair it gave Judah.
Further proof he does in fact have a mop up top.

Now that I've shared all that great stuff, I'm feeling considerably less blue...  rather orange, in fact.

So, happy Wednesday world! 
If you have any advice on surviving February, I need would love to hear it!


  1. Don't be too blue! There is a thaw coming! I'm starting to see the pavement on my driveway and I actually heard rain hitting the roof this morning. Maybe you should crank the heat, put on summer clothes, make yourself a smoothy and dance to the beach boys with Jude.

  2. I always feel slightly miffed that everyone hates February so much, I mean, it is the fabulous month that brought ME into the world, after all! ;)
    For brightening your February, I suggest relocating your birthday to sometime during the month. Always worked for me! ;)
    (Or, if that's not an option, maybe plan your next baby to be born then. It's almost the same. Then you will get to look forward to planning unnecessarily elaborate birthday parties for the next 16 or so years.) :)
    Cheer up, Jennie! :)

  3. Love the tent and the static hair... Toby's did the same in the one i made him and I ruthlessly took photos as well lol.
    Don't feel too crazy about the bird watching...we have 4 standing feeders in our back yard and my kitchen looks out at them so I spend far too much time watching the Blue Jay drama that unfolds and the Mourning Doves who just dont give two shits that they're crowding one entire side of the feeder.
    Birdwatching is cool! (or so i keep telling myself)