Judah's view: my weekend

Apparently the last couple of days were the weekend. It seems the same as the week to me, except I have to hang out with my parents instead of my Morai. It's tough, but I cope.

On Saturday night, my buddy Tobin came over for a visit...


"And then I said to her, 'No seriously, this is the most hair I've ever had!' and she just laughed and left to find her sippy cup. Hilarious right?"

 "I know, this loveseat is awesome!! My roller-coaster reflex kicks in every time I sit on it!"

"Not the poop in the tub story again, honestly mother."

 "This is how I express my feelings about Valentine's Day." 

 "Ok Tob, we just need to write a classic nursery rhyme and then we can both retire and forget about the pressures of preschool."

On Sunday night, my aunts and Morai and Grandad came over for a big Valentine's supper. We all gained about 6 pounds.

I'm laughing because I'm the only one who thought to wear overalls. No waistband suckas! 

Happy weekend world!

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  1. "no waist bands suckas!"
    OMG - I'm dying right now.