The nursery beginnings

This weekend my brother Luke came home and together we plunged into the world of nursery crafting.

I had decided on a yellow and white scheme quite some time ago, which resulted in hours of scouring Etsy for the prettiest fabrics I could find. In the end I chose 4- 1 for curtains, 2 for bedding and pillows and 1 for further pillows and accessories. They all arrived in record time and I've been sitting admiring them for some time. Admiring is way easier than pulling the sewing machine out and actually getting to work.

Next came the lighting decision. With a very basic white and yellow palette I knew I wanted a statement piece. At first we considered making a string lantern. Then I came across this blog complete with the most amazing paper lantern makeover EVER and knew we had to try it! 

Armed with a paper lantern, a lot of hot glue and 600 coffee filters we set to work. And we glued. And glued....

And stopped to eat copious amounts of tacos...

And glued. And glued...
And bought 100 more coffee filters...

And had delirious fits of laughter... (don't believe Luke's expression. He was having a BLAST.) 

And glued some more...

Until at last it was complete!

Don't be alarmed. It is not a giant lampshade. It will be suspended from the ceiling :)

It's gigantic and gorgeous. Sort of like a ginormous, glowing, white peony. What could be better?

Since we finished the light Saturday night, which had only served to get our crafting juices pumping, we decided to tackle a painting for over the crib on Sunday afternoon.

Our inspiration for this piece came from here. We started out looking close to the original...and then my mom dug up some old nail polish and things got drippy and Pollock-esque quickly. 

I'm in love with the finished product... 

The painting with one of the artists!

With the nursery fabrics!

And now I must sew, sew, sew!!

So excited to see it all come together.

Thanks crafting buddies Luke and Mom.

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  1. Wow love the textile choices, I am hoping to see that lovely yellow paired with a touch of charcoal grey? :) It's going to be amazing!