Summer wind-down

It's already August 21st! In the words of Buster Bluth, "When did that happen!?" 

Luke will be back in school September 8th, which means in 2.5 short weeks I'll be an engineering widow again, Judah will be back at my mom's four days a week, and I'll be headfirst into a crazy three and a half months of work before my maternity leave starts. I fully expect this fall to be a complete blur. 

And so, we are making a concerted effort to squeeze the final drops of carefree togetherness  from the next few weeks. My idea to do this was to rip out all the flooring on our main floor and lay new hardwood. Luke's idea was to book a second camping trip. Judah seemed much more keen on sleeping in a tent again as opposed to being cordoned off to the upstairs of the house for 4 days. Luke's idea won... for now.

Now we have 2 weeks to anticipate our camping trip, not to mention a trip to Stratford to see Jesus Christ Superstar, the return of our sister Elle from almost a year away, visits with my bestie's new baby girl, and lots of nursery crafting to keep us busy in between. 

I've been pretty negligent at dumping the contents of our camera of late, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to offer a recap of Judah's summer so far. 

Here it is, in his own words... 

My grandparents came home from Africa. I liked visiting them in Africa, but even better is this park near their new place that - get this, is just for dogs!

I taught my dad how to grow tomatoes. 
And how to throw your ball into tomatoes.
And how to walk on tomatoes.
And how to ride your bike on tomatoes.  

We went to the zoo. My favourite part was the fat, flightless, swimming birds. 
The water chickens as I named them. 

We went to the International Food Festival. My favourite cuisines were mini-golf... 

And ice cream!

We visited Centreville and my Oma and Pake took me on the train.
The moving scenery gave me a bad case of the slow blinks. 

My favourite part of the summer was camping. A. because I got to suck on all sorts of salty rocks...

And B. because I turned two, and suddenly everyone started giving me sweet presents! 
Sadly, the present stream dried up the next day. 

My Morai and Grandad took me to St. Thomas to meet Thomas the Train.
Sadly, a bunch of other kids wanted to meet him too. 
Next year I'm hoping for a private audience. 

Then we went to Quebec for Vandenfest.
It was fun, except for the part where every guy looked like my dad and I kept grabbing the wrong legs...

This is some of my family. Not a bad gene pool eh?

With a social calendar like that, is it any wonder I need regular naps!?


  1. These pictures are amazing and I totally loved this post. However, I now feel like we've done absolutely NOTHING this summer!!! How did you manage to pack all this in? While in the first trimester of your pregnancy? HOW???