The ultrasound

Monday was the big day!

After much discussion and debate over the weekend I decided that I HAD to know the baby's sex. And Luke decided that he couldn't not know if I knew- it would be too weird. So there it was - we were finding out... 

Ha! Not so much.

Turns out the odd little ultrasound clinic we visited is a bit gun-shy on sharing the big news. In fact they have a sign on the wall saying "umm..no." Needless to say, I was pretty bummed. All was not lost however, our tech said she would include the big reveal in her full report to be sent to the midwife and our midwife could then tell us the big news. How is this different? I'm not really sure, but I'm guessing there was probably something to do with pink paint bought, a boy born and a lawsuit...

So we wait... up to 4 business days...if we're lucky. In the meantime, we can ooh and aaah at the cuteness that is baby twosie. From what we saw in the ultrasound- a lot of swallowing and baby forking amniotic fluid into its mouth with its fist- it looks and acts a lot like its big brother. We can't wait!

Without further adieu - baby number two...

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  1. I'm glad you guys made a decision, but it's too bad that you couldn't find out! I'm sure lots of parents leave that ultrasound clinic disappointed!

    Baby twosie is adorable. I love ultrasound pics - it's so amazing to get a snapshot of the little one while they're still inside you.