5 Months!

Yesterday was officially the 20 week mark in this pregnancy which means....drumroll please... we're already halfway done!

Now for those of you who do math like me, 
4 weeks = 1 month
20 weeks = 5 months.
And if 5 months = halfway, then pregnancy is definitely 10 months long.

Don't listen to anyone who tells you otherwise...and never mind all those silly 30 and 31 day calendar months. 

9 months? Ha! 9 month pregnancies are for sissies... like cows...

Where are we now?

Things that are still kind of crummy: 
Not much at all! This is definitely the sweet spot of the pregnancy.

If I had to complain, I'd say...

Feeling tired again- baby is stealing my energy so she can grow, grow, grow (please keep your head tiny baby).

I have the odd braxton hicks contraction. They aren't too intense yet, but they are uncomfortable. 

Things that are awesome:

The kicking! She is one heck of a kicker! 

We have been able to see her kicks from the outside - no touching required-  for about 3 weeks already. My stomach looks like it has some sort of nervous tick. This means Luke gets his fill of feeling baby, particularly late at night when she goes crazy... I hope her schedule changes before January.... Judah, my mom and my sister Jessie have also gotten in on the kick show :)

The fact that we know she's a she! I'm sooo happy we found out her sex. Just knowing makes everything so much more real. Everything being more real makes me eat fewer popsicles and more fruit...well, a little fewer.

Our midwifery appointments continue to be a highlight. We love both our midwives! 

Planning the nursery! I have one project underway and a bunch of others planned. A progress post will follow soon :)


Ice cream.



Starches, like rice, quinoa, couscous, mashed potatoes.
Anything that isn't meat.

Apparently she's not a trucker from the midwest, she's a heartbroken teenage girl....

Judah's thoughts on baby now?

He now knows that only I am having the baby. He likes to point to his stomach and say "Baby? Noooooo!"

When we found out the sex, he was at my mom's. She called me so I could tell him about it. This is how the conversation went down.

Judah: "News?"
Me: "You're having a baby sister!"
Judah: "No, newwwwws?"
Me: "Were you hoping for some other kind of news?"
Judah: "I eat egg."

That pretty much sums up how much the baby is impacting Judah's day to day so far. The arrival of baby sister may come as a bit of a shocker...

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