The Nursery...just about finished!

With just a few more finishing touches the nursery will be complete! It's a tiny room, but it's bright, cozy and cheerful. We're really happy with how it's come together. 

I may submit the room to Ohdeedoh's small kids big colour contest. If so, here's hoping we get into the running! I'll be asking for your votes- so stay tuned loyal readers :)


Baby at 33 weeks

My lovely friend Amber came for a visit with her boys yesterday and captured a few more lovely shots of our pregnancy as it is at 33 weeks.

I love them. Thank you Amber! You are a gift!


8 months!

We are officially done 32 weeks, or 8 (lunar) months of pregnancy- only 2 to go.
Wooo...this is suddenly feeling very real...maybe I should go buy some baby clothes or something.

Where are we now?

Things that are kind of crummy: 

Well, the exhaustion wasn't all in my head (that's one less thing that is). At my last midwifery appointment my midwife let me know that, while the ideal range for ferritin is 80-130, my ferritin number was 7. Yes, 7. How was I even standing? We'll never know!
Needless to say, I am now on a nice heavy-duty iron supplement, and I feel justified in fulfilling any and all red meat cravings. Win- win.   

Baby's bum under my ribs... literally. I made Luke stick his finger under my ribcage to show him. Baby's bum is way up there. Luke was somewhat freaked out. 
It's about as comfortable as it sounds.

Things that are awesome:

Baby is still very active! And it's obvious! Not just to me- to a person half a block away. That's right, with baby's increasingly giant size and my more-than-a-little-obvious belly every movement is extremely visible. Perhaps freakishly so...

Cravings this month?

Chips! Candy! Sushi! Beer! 

Pretty much anything I shouldn't have, I want. And no, I have not succumbed to the beer craving.
As for the candy...well, I can't let Judah eat all that Halloween candy by himself... It isn't good for him...right?

Judah's thoughts on baby now?

This month Judah is big on telling me that there's only one baby. I think he's just cementing the concept of 1, 2, 3, 4 and more than 4, in his mind. So he likes to point to my belly and say, 
"Not two babies! One baby!"

Based on my size, I can only hope and pray he's right.


Say cheese!

I almost died laughing when Randalin, over at Harvesting Kale, posted these hilarious pictures of Kale's camera smile.

And, up until a week ago, I couldn't have the same chuckle about Judah doing hilarious picture faces, because he refused to let anyone take his picture. In fact he would hide, grimace and shout "no pictures!" whenever a camera appeared.

Here's Judah as captured by film in the last few months...

Posing for Mike...under the kitchen table

Giving Mama the stink eye

Zipping his head into the tent and screaming, to avoid being photographed

Insisting I put the camera away

Being thoroughly unimpressed with being unable to escape the lens, due to inhumane child restraints. 
Resorted to putting his sunglasses on upside down- Hollywood style. 

Lately, however, Judah has turned over a new- rather amusing and odd-looking- leaf. When he sees the camera he immediately chirps, "CHEESE!" and then proceeds to make faces like this... 

and this...

and these...

I'm beginning to think the whole - cooperating with the camera by making hilariously awful looking, dopey faces is Judah's subtle way of making me stop taking his picture. 

Sorry kid, it won't work. I can't help myself. 


Why every woman should have a midwife

I went to see my midwife today. 

Let me say first off, I have an amazing midwife! 

Unlike a trip to the dentist, or even a trip to my lovely GP, I LOVE going to see her.

It's equivalent to how excited I used to get when I had a few quarters, and free reign in the penny candy section of our neighbourhood convenience store. 

How can I get so excited about what is essentially a medical check-up, besides the obviously amazing fact that I get to hear baby heart-beating and kicking away? Because being under the care of a midwife has, in my experience, been a holistically wonderful experience. 

Whenever someone asks me if I'd recommend going the midwifery route, I practically shout "YES! DO IT!" Here are just a few of the reasons why...

1. I have never waited more than 10 minutes to see my midwife. No 11 am appointment time and noon arrival of the practitioner. No, thank you. I have an appointment at 11 and she sees me at 11. Heck, I've arrived early twice and she was able to take me right away. I know this isn't a reality in all practices, but it's definitely more of the rule than the exception. 

2. I never feel rushed in my appointments. In my first pregnancy, I was also blessed with two amazing midwives. I was new to EVERYTHING about pregnancy and birth, despite copious hours of reading up on the topics. I had a LOT of questions. Each appointment lasted at least 30 minutes, often closer to an hour. Yet, I never felt like I was an inconvenience. 
This time around, I have a fewer questions and fewer anxieties, but our midwife still makes a point of spending a good amount of time with us just to be sure we're totally comfortable and reassured.

3. My midwife acknowledges I have a brain. She gives me the facts and then let's me make my own, educated decisions. I feel like I have an expert guide for this pregnancy journey - not an iron fist imposing absolutes for my baby and body. 

4. My midwife knew my strength before I knew it myself. Our first birth experience exceeded all of my expectations. I was surrounded by people I loved, I laboured at home up until the very end, and I felt in control the entire time. For a type-A personality such as myself, one of my greatest fears leading up to the labour was that pain and fear would overtake me and I would lose control of what was happening to me and baby. Instead, my midwife was there, quietly reassuring me that I was doing an amazing job. She sat on the floor of my living room and encouraged me, alongside my wonderful family, for hours on end. Her presence was steadfast but far from intrusive. She trusted my body to do what it had to do and in turn, I felt empowered to do the same.

5. I was home on day one and I got to stay there. Under the care of a midwife, I didn't have to stick around the hospital for days. We were home within hours of Judah's birth- in our own bed- surrounded by our own bacteria. Admittedly a gross thought, but far less dangerous than unfamiliar bacteria you can pick up in hospital. Best of all, we got to stay there, snuggled and adapting in our own environment- our midwife came to us. For the first week of Judah's life we were encouraged to rest, get to know each other, and leave any travelling back and forth up to them. That's right- they do house calls! It was bliss. 

6. Midwives are generally really amazing people. Seriously. I know a lot of midwives and  they are kind of an awesome bunch. If you meet one, invite her out for a drink- a.) she'll have great stories. b.) You'll get to meet a super cool person- I promise.

Judah, at home on his birth day - July 14, 2009


The nursery - a sneak peak

White walls, robin's egg blue ceiling, paper ruffle lantern

Close-up of the light fixture. 
Thanks Mike!

Close-up of our do-it-yourself ceiling colour. 
This is what happens when you have several leftover cans of Farrow and Ball paint and cheap Dutch blood. 

The mirror which the change table will be placed under. 
Once an oldish bronze colour, now a fresh yellow. 

 The curtains! One of my many sewing projects :)

We spent Friday date night doing what every normal family does - crafting!

This week's craft, constructing a bird mobile for the rocking chair corner of the nursery. 

Luke and Judah worked late into the night (7 pm). 
I have pictures to prove it...

The birds before Judah starting beating them with the sticks...

One bird getting whacked with a stick- the others looking on in terror. 

Judah's "innocent" look- notice the unconscious bird in the background.

Luke "working hard" to balance the sticks. 
This sort of advanced physics requires a manly pose and a beer. 

et voila!

It's all starting to come together. Now I just need the term to end so I can relegate Luke's desk to the basement and get the baby furniture moved in! 

Sorry honey. 

Please vote for us!


Tired doesn't begin to describe it

Today I am tired. 
So very, very tired.

I fell asleep putting Judah to bed last night, only to wake up at 1, in my jeans and sweater, wide awake. 

After a few hours of tossing and turning - more like slow, nerve pinching, whale-like rolls - I fell back asleep. And then Judah woke us up. Before 7. In the pitch dark. On my one day to sleep in. 


Compounding my tiredness is the fact that baby has retaken her former residence under my rib cage. 

This week had been a pretty decent one for breathing, however, just to assure me that I am not in control of this relationship, she has taken back the lungs today. I'm quite sure she is squeezing them under her arm like a bagpipe. Hence the high pitch wheezing that is emitting from my mouth when I speak.

Added to the charm of this wheezing, is the entertaining show I put on when donning pants, socks or shoes; wherein, I need to sit on the floor to reach my feet... and then I need to grope away at nearby furniture, doorknobs or cats to get back up. The cat makes for a terrible support to my crushing weight. 

And we are only 30 weeks along! That means 10 more weeks. Or, if this pregnancy is like Judah's, 12. 12 weeks! 84 days!! 2016 hours!!! 120,960 minutes!!!! Just the thought of it is compelling me to have a nap.

Wake me up in January please.



Judah was pretty slow to talk. He found the whole exercise rather unnecessary considering the longer he remained relatively silent, the longer we would play the amazingly fun game of 50 questions- often with hilarious activities thrown in. What could be better than watching your parents root through every kitchen cupboard when what you really want is a bath toy? 

In the last 6 months, however, Jude's vocabulary has taken off! Now he shocks us daily with his outbursts of full, often hilarious, sentences:

"Mama, Sadie (the cat) sad!"
"Why is she sad?"
"I don't know mama."

"Is it because you ran around the kitchen holding her tail?"
"Uhhh....yeah mama!"
"Maybe you shouldn't pull her tail."
"Uhhh... Sadie not sad mama. Sadie happy!"

This rapidly growing vocabulary has led to a hybrid language we fondly think of as Judderish. Judderish consists of many words that are familiar to us, but completely incomprehensible to anyone who is not a Judah parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle. They include the following, many of which sound amusingly like other completely unrelated, at times obscene, words:

Dooce: Juice
Titty: Kitty
Tandy: Candy
Titofer Wabin: Christopher Robin
Raycaca: Race car (car)
Chopit mit: Chocolate milk
Pee: Poop. He is a sensitive soul who prefers not to discuss poop.

He also has a series of words that he has applied to entirely new contexts. Here's a sampling:

"Sarry!" - Sounds much the same as sorry and can be used effectively after hitting one's parent, however, the preferred use is in place of the following: 

"Excuse me. I'm trying to get to the chocolate chip cupboard and you're inconveniently in my way." 
"You just totally smoked me in the face with your belly/ bum, mom." 
"There is a really sharp toy in my car seat. I am currently sitting on it." 

"No." - Seemingly self explanatory, but often used in the following contexts: 
"I mean yes, but first I want you to chase me." 
"Although I am claiming my diaper is clean, it really isn't- I simply don't want my bum exposed at this moment. Kindly crank the furnace."
"Yes, but I answered so quickly I accidentally said no. This is embarrassing." 

And my personal favourite...

"Goo Night" - which can most accurately be interpreted as:
"I'm going to sleep in my own bed now, but I'll be over to your room at about one to warm up my toes and sharpen my fingernails on your back."

I'm loving each new word. Every morning of waking up to "Hi mama!". Every night of  "There moon mama!". But most of all, his response when we say, I love you.


How could we not?