Say cheese!

I almost died laughing when Randalin, over at Harvesting Kale, posted these hilarious pictures of Kale's camera smile.

And, up until a week ago, I couldn't have the same chuckle about Judah doing hilarious picture faces, because he refused to let anyone take his picture. In fact he would hide, grimace and shout "no pictures!" whenever a camera appeared.

Here's Judah as captured by film in the last few months...

Posing for Mike...under the kitchen table

Giving Mama the stink eye

Zipping his head into the tent and screaming, to avoid being photographed

Insisting I put the camera away

Being thoroughly unimpressed with being unable to escape the lens, due to inhumane child restraints. 
Resorted to putting his sunglasses on upside down- Hollywood style. 

Lately, however, Judah has turned over a new- rather amusing and odd-looking- leaf. When he sees the camera he immediately chirps, "CHEESE!" and then proceeds to make faces like this... 

and this...

and these...

I'm beginning to think the whole - cooperating with the camera by making hilariously awful looking, dopey faces is Judah's subtle way of making me stop taking his picture. 

Sorry kid, it won't work. I can't help myself. 


  1. HAHAHAHA. Oh my. Those are some classic pictures! Are we horrible mothers for posting these ridiculous pictures on the internet? The internet is forever, right? That's going to be embarrassing.

  2. I'm counting on it. This is blackmail material for the teenage years haha!