Judah was pretty slow to talk. He found the whole exercise rather unnecessary considering the longer he remained relatively silent, the longer we would play the amazingly fun game of 50 questions- often with hilarious activities thrown in. What could be better than watching your parents root through every kitchen cupboard when what you really want is a bath toy? 

In the last 6 months, however, Jude's vocabulary has taken off! Now he shocks us daily with his outbursts of full, often hilarious, sentences:

"Mama, Sadie (the cat) sad!"
"Why is she sad?"
"I don't know mama."

"Is it because you ran around the kitchen holding her tail?"
"Uhhh....yeah mama!"
"Maybe you shouldn't pull her tail."
"Uhhh... Sadie not sad mama. Sadie happy!"

This rapidly growing vocabulary has led to a hybrid language we fondly think of as Judderish. Judderish consists of many words that are familiar to us, but completely incomprehensible to anyone who is not a Judah parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle. They include the following, many of which sound amusingly like other completely unrelated, at times obscene, words:

Dooce: Juice
Titty: Kitty
Tandy: Candy
Titofer Wabin: Christopher Robin
Raycaca: Race car (car)
Chopit mit: Chocolate milk
Pee: Poop. He is a sensitive soul who prefers not to discuss poop.

He also has a series of words that he has applied to entirely new contexts. Here's a sampling:

"Sarry!" - Sounds much the same as sorry and can be used effectively after hitting one's parent, however, the preferred use is in place of the following: 

"Excuse me. I'm trying to get to the chocolate chip cupboard and you're inconveniently in my way." 
"You just totally smoked me in the face with your belly/ bum, mom." 
"There is a really sharp toy in my car seat. I am currently sitting on it." 

"No." - Seemingly self explanatory, but often used in the following contexts: 
"I mean yes, but first I want you to chase me." 
"Although I am claiming my diaper is clean, it really isn't- I simply don't want my bum exposed at this moment. Kindly crank the furnace."
"Yes, but I answered so quickly I accidentally said no. This is embarrassing." 

And my personal favourite...

"Goo Night" - which can most accurately be interpreted as:
"I'm going to sleep in my own bed now, but I'll be over to your room at about one to warm up my toes and sharpen my fingernails on your back."

I'm loving each new word. Every morning of waking up to "Hi mama!". Every night of  "There moon mama!". But most of all, his response when we say, I love you.


How could we not?


  1. hahahaha awesome. I think I could have written this post about Laura. Especially the yes/ no part. lol.

  2. lol too funny. I love "kid-speak"...

    My cousins little boy heard his father call his mother "Sexist." That became his favourite word and everything bad was "sexist." :)

  3. I love this post, Jennie! It reminds me to be patient with my own little man and his words:)