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I'm just finishing up an epic 5 day weekend (is that still considered a weekend?) and I really need to get to bed, a.) because I have to be up at 6:30 to get my work day going and
b.) because I just bought the final book in the Steig Larsson trilogy and I've pretty much spent the last two days dead to the world while I become totally absorbed... so I don't actually want to sleep... I just want to read about people with long Swedish names eating cheese sandwiches and solving crime...

However, I did want to get on here first to share some blog love!! I'm so excited to be one of the featured blogs for the month of September over at one of my fave blogs...The Vintage Wife! Cedar, the fabulous writer, chef, mom, crafter behind this blog never ceases to amaze. She reads, bakes, cooks, trims her own bangs, looks after her beautiful four month old and still finds time to blog about it!!! Check out her site- it's as fantabulous as she!

Some of my other favourite blogs this month?

The Danny/Gwyneth Project...because it's freaking hilarious!

Ohhh Lulu - because everything Sarah makes is BEAUTIFUL! And she's getting married this weekend. I'm getting crazy excited and I'm just one of her readers!


Family Chic- because this woman is a crafty genius and she's already started creating for Halloween! Yay!!

And a worthy non-blog mention...

One World Birth a site devoted to starting a revolution back to real, women-empowering birth experiences. Do watch the videos and do some reading, it's well worth it!

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