The week that was!

The past week has been a busy one!

Luke returned to school today (boo), his parents and Nico moved to London earlier this week (yay!), we camped, we dined, we slept... well, not so much on the sleeping bit actually.

Judah has developed a semi-habitual nightmare/ night terror habit. The first time it happened we were at a family reunion in Ottawa. All three of us were sharing a comfy bed when Judah woke up shouting and then proceeded to slap Luke squarely across the face, seemingly while still asleep. Admittedly, it was kind of funny... alright I may have laughed loudly...for an extended period... Now, however, the humour of the situation has begun to wear thin.

Last night was something like sharing a bed with a 30 pound cat...who has just fallen in a bathtub... four times over. Each time Judah would "wake up" (he was actually asleep throughout) he would flail wildly, in any and all directions, shouting "No! Go Away!! I do it!!!" etc. Each time we would try and soothe him, which in turn would lead to an escalation of shouting and thrashing about. At one point Luke set him outside of the bed- so he could stop inflicting us with toddler blows- at which time Judah pulled some art off the wall and found a curtain rod under our bed- for real. I may need to sleep with a fencing mask from now on. Finally, when he was actually awake enough he would ask "uppy?" and snuggle back down to sleep. 

After doing some research this evening, I've found that going to bed too late can be a trigger of said night terrors in toddlers. And summertime life can be a trigger for going to bed too late. So, beginning tonight, Jude is back to his old, autumnal, bedtime. Bathtime, storytime, snuggles and lights out all by 8 o'clock. We'll see how this goes...

I've also learned that trying to soothe the person having the night terror will only prolong it. Good to know. Tonight, and in future nights when Judah makes his way to our room to have his wild and crazy fits, I will lie still and pretend I am dead. Or is that for bears? This should be interesting.

Now a photo recap of happier times...in the daylight...when we weren't sleep deprived!

We went camping this weekend!

 Judah was really into the waves this time. 
Here he is about to ingest a liter of Lake Huron up his nose.

He was also really into making train tracks in the sand with his train engine.
His train engine is camera shy...

Then an ominous cloud rolled in.
And it rained...
and rained...

So we tarped off our site, made eggs...

put our cheese on a pick-up truck and got cozy to wait it out.

"Camping is still fun- even when you can't feel your fingers."

"I lied! I'm freezing people! Either wrap me in a sleeping bag or take me home! Also, I zipped my head into the door."
So we went home a day early. 
This was good as it allowed Judah time to do some repairs to our car tires- with a plastic saw. 

"I'm sorry ma'am but that'll be 350 dollars and I also need you to change my diaper."

And that's our week that was!

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