Soooo grood!

Oftentimes I find myself inspired to write about the trials and tribulations of toddler wrangling, but this week I've just been totally and absolutely enamoured with Judah's current phase. I find myself repeating "I love you!" "You are sooo smart!" and "You did that all by yourself!? AMAZING!" all day long. I'm starting to feel like those motivational stickers you'd get on math tests in grade three. I just can't help it!

This week Judah....

Put his shoes on by himself, without prompting - MIND BLOWING.
Walked up all 14 stairs of our staircase and then said "Good work me!" - ADORABLE
Told me he had meat, cheese and water on his pizza for dinner - HILARIOUS
Let us shampoo his hair without screaming like a banshee - MIRACULOUS 
When I asked him what he was thinking about at bedtime, said , "You." - HEART MELTING

Sure, he also did a huge load in his diaper in the library the one (ok, maybe not one) time I failed to bring the diaper equipment. And yes, he did shove his hand way down my cleavage in H&M followed by maniacal laughter which caused hordes of shoppers to see more of my chest than my physician at a physical. And yes, he did wake me up with the words "I pick nose mommy!" at least once this week, but he also snuggled with me when we were both sick, told me "I wuv woo", and chose to hold my hand and walk rather than be carried so, "mommy can carry baby", twice tonight. 

I love Judah at every age and stage, but right now it's so easy to enjoy him too - to be stunned at how amazing he is, and how totally awesome it is that he is ours. 

I wuv woo Judah - so glad you are exactly you. 

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  1. I love the train set! What kind is it? We've been looking for one but they either cost $9 million dollars are are a hunk of cheap plastic garbage.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we will see you guys at a wedding tomorrow! I meant to email you about it, but somehow this weekend just crept on me. I'm lucky I even remembered!