6 months!

Here we are, 24 weeks of pregnancy complete! Can I get a woop-woop?!

Where are we now?

Things that are kind of crummy: 

Having major guilt whenever I eat anything sugary, fatty or otherwise unhealthy. It's not bad enough to stop me from eating those things, but still...

Having major guilt when I take a bath with water that is anything above a temperature ranging from tepid to lukewarm. I lay in the tub with my hips up so baby won't get too hot. It's not that relaxing. My mom assures me she had scalding hot baths all through her pregnancies with us...
I think that explains a lot about my math aptitude.  

Having major guilt about being too tired to haul Judah around town or up the stairs to bed at night...or to stay up past 10 pm to chat with Luke... Let's just sum up this section by saying major guilt is beginning to define this stage of the pregnancy.

Charlie horses in my calves upon waking up. They aren't nearly as frequent or bad as when I was pregnant with Judah, but I still get the odd one.

Creepy, vivid dreams. First they were vivid in a fun way, now they are a vivid in a trying to find missing siblings, plane crashes and murders of loved ones kind of way :|

Things that are awesome:

Baby is officially viable as an outdoor baby. Heaven forbid there was some reason for her to be born this super early, but if she was, there is a good chance of her surviving - albeit really skinny-like.

I have a great appetite, I sleep like the dead, and I'm happy. Bye bye mood swings, hello ice cream!

Baby is big enough that I can poke around and feel what I think is the head/ bum or an arm/magic wand. It's amazing.

Baby continues her crazy acrobatics, especially after I eat. It's like a restaurant review in-utero.
When the food is good she does nice gentle waves, when it's bad she jumps with pointed toes on my bladder. Good times!


Cravings this month?


Crackers and cheese



She's morphed from a heartbroken teenager into an orthotics-wearing retiree. 

Judah's thoughts on baby now?

He'll ask "uppy" of daddy because, "mommy uppies baby."

He likes to hold the new baby clothes up to his face, tilt his head and say "baaaay-beeeeee" in the cutest imaginable voice.

For the most part he ignores the existence of my ever growing girth and the increasing pile of baby goods in the office closet. I can't blame him. If someone started talking to me about some great new thing 6 months ago and then never produced said super- great thing, I'd be getting dubious too.

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  1. hey Jen, for the math Dad told me to try this website...I think its cool http://www.khanacademy.org/#browse
    Love your Old fart Bro!