Design Freak: We like to paint stuff black

It's Saturday! 
My initial plan for the day had involved travelling a couple hours to Toronto to celebrate my sister's 25th with her and my sibs. Plans changed and we ended up having a party here in London last night. So suddenly I had a whole Saturday with no plans- AMAZING! I quickly remedied the situation by making an ambitious to do list for the day.

To do:

1. Buy a lot of black paint and paint as much furniture as I can black. Namely, the mismatching patio furniture and the hand-me-down telephone table. It's cute, but pastel blue and floral isn't my thing. 

Much better...

#2. Go apple picking. Try very hard not to eat them all before leaving... 

#3. Conquer the corn maze with four good- looking guys. 

#4. Have a crazy fast wagon ride.

#5. Start a new trend... upside down sunglasses with an ice cold glare anyone?

Mission accomplished. 


  1. Wow - what a busy day! I'm lucky if I get one thing crossed off my weekend to do list (and I list things like 'brush teeth' just so I'm guaranteed to check something off).

    I love the telephone table. Did you re-upholster it too??

  2. Yep! Best of all the fabric was a summer indoor/outdoor one so I got all I needed on sale! 5 bucks with lots leftover :)