Before and after: Judah gets a new room!

We've launched the start of our week of holidays with a little home makeover project. Judah's original room here was located at the back of the house. It gets sun all day (when Judah isn't here). And, some nights (when Judah is here), the smell of smoke from the tenant who partakes of her poison in the back (outside, but permeating nonetheless). So, we decided to do a switch. Move the office from the front of the house to the back, where I can enjoy the Southern exposure. Move Judah's room from the back of the house to the front, where I don't have to worry about him inhaling anything even close to second hand smoke. 

After a good breakfast, we got started. 

Some shelving we had previously removed from the office had never been painted behind and the room was the same colour as the nursery anyway (boring!), so we thought it would be nice to give Judah's new room a new colour. After much deliberation, we chose Benjamin Moore's Spring Mint (I chose it, Luke pretended to dislike it for my entertainment). 

The office before it became Judah's room...

Mr. Fix-it repairing the walls...

Let the painting party begin!

Judah helped...

Then he started painting the doors, so we kicked him out of the party.

He gave that decision a bad grade...

Many minutes later... The after!

Luke is so glad it's over...

Cool room dude.

And the old nursery which became the office...lovely and sunny :)

I think I've officially exhausted Luke's tolerance for re-dos at our place. Anyone else need a home makeover? :)

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  1. I LOVE it! Both rooms look amazing. We painted our office a really light green and I've been having the worst time figuring out what colour curtains to use (I know, I should have thought about this before painting). Now that I see how amazing the red curtains in Judah's room look I totally know what to look for!