Judah has never been big on clothes. I distinctly remember thinking on the day he was born, that the weirdest thing was having to put clothes on him. Never mind the fact that he had practically been an internal organ only moments before and was now an independent, breathing little wonder. That wasn't weird at all....

No, it was the whole clothing on the baby thing that seemed wrong. He was so perfectly, naturally, nude. Who in their right mind would ever want to cover that gorgeous, untouched skin? No one, I thought! Judah agreed. Alas he was too tired to tell us on that particular day, so he's been trying to make it clear ever since. 

Judah would love it if we would allow him to be naked all the time. I blame his European roots, he may blame his somewhat geeky wardrobe. Although he prefers no clothes at all, if forced to choose, he will always lose the pants first. This has led to Judah having somewhat of a reputation for going about his business pantsless. 

I thought the turning of the season, from summer to fall, to winter, may deter his pantsless ways. I thought wrong. He put on a few extra pounds (for insulation, obviously) and went about his merry way. 

In the course of a day spent at home, Judah is likely to be pantsless about 50% of the time. Sometimes I swear he fills his diaper so he'll have an excuse to take his pants off and then run like a screaming pantsless banshee away from them.

To illustrate his passion for being pantsless, I've prepared a short pictorial history.

Judah pantsless in the park. His cousin Graham is duly horrified. 

Judah pantsless on the kitchen counter. He finds his culinary creations are more free when unfettered by a waistband.

Judah pantsless on the beach. To his credit, a lot of people appeared to be pantsless that day. 

Judah pantsless in Malawi. 
He has his order in for an "I've gone pantsless in two continents" bumper sticker.

And last, but not least, Judah proving once and for all that his love of the pantsless life knows no bounds: pantsless... outside... in February. 

I admire his commitment to being pantsless, but most of all I admire his circulation... and his cute little thighs.

Happy Pantsless Monday!


  1. hehehe!

    I have a question for you... rumour (ok, Facebook) has it that he also goes diaperless on many occasions... how do you deal with this in the mess department? I have Laura's diaper off for 10 minutes and I'm cleaning up pee on the floor. Do you just deal with it as it comes, or what?

  2. Haha! He's actually really good at not peeing every 10 seconds now. That definitely came with age. When he was little though, I just kept a towel handy. It's worth it to see him so crazy-free :)

  3. Kale is also not a fan of clothes, and particularly pants. We often let him run around pantless and diaperless too!