Love-Hate Wednesday: The hydrophobia edition

Judah made juice this morning. And by “made” I mean he stirred some juice concentrate in with some water. I didn’t witness the event as I was upstairs working, but Luke told me on his way out the door that Jude had made juice. Nothing remarkable really, he loves to stir stuff. 

 I later poured myself a cup of said juice, took a mouthful and then, very nearly returned it from whence it came (the cup). It tasted like fish and had a cat hair and some unknown piece of something (it resembled the molar of a squirrel) floating in it.  I’m not sure how this offensive combination was born. I can only imagine it involved a lack of paternal supervision and a spoon retrieved from under a couch. 

As for the fish flavour- we have no rotting fish in the fridge (that I know of), but I think it was the result of the liquid absorbing the flavours from other untold refrigerated treasures. This phenomenon grosses me out. I’ll go so far as to say I hate it.

Note to self: buy baking soda, stat.

In the love category...I’m squinting!


Because it’s incredibly sunny!!


Because the sun is still in the sky...after 5 pm!!

*Insert angel chorus here*
Spring's acomin’ children!

Now for a second inductee into the hall of dislike....Judah’s newly developed hydrophobia. 

That’s right, a kid who used to look like this in the tub...

Now looks like this...

The fact that he's not in the tub in this picture further illustrates the fact that he'd rather be anywhere else... anywhere...

We don’t know how it happened, although we suspect it has something to do with a bum rash he developed during his most recent bout of some virus...that and the full moon...
In any case, he refuses to go in the bath. I once had the pleasure of giving a cat a bath... This is worse. He screeches and screams and climbs up your arms and generally makes an impressive scene. Last night I was able to coax him to at least stand in the water for about three minutes. At first he resisted loudly (ie. freaked out) but his head smelled like cheese, so action was necessary. 

I’m hoping we will gradually be able to convince him that the water will not cause his internal organs to fail. I’ll keep you updated on our progress.

Back in the love category this week – Judah kisses galore! 
I think it may have had something to do with the fact that I forced him to have a bath, thus throwing our love for him into a dubious light in his mind; in any case Judah is on a big kissing kick. It’s adorable.

Last night Luke had to crouch for a good 15 seconds while Judah gave him numerous kisses on each cheek (it’s his European genetics). The best part about the adorable smooch-streak is that it’s all very spontaneous. One minute he’s picking his nose and the next he has a sudden overwhelming urge to kiss you, so he runs right over and plants one on you. The kissing isn’t even limited to people- oh no,  he kisses his stuffed mouse, he kisses pictures of animals in his books and, most beloved of all, he kisses Sadie-cat. The result is a toddler face that looks more like a pubescent male’s who needs a razor for Christmas... It’s still cute.

Now that I think of it, perhaps Judah kissed the cat before concocting his juice this morning...

And with that full circle analysis, I shall bid you adieu!

Have a love-filled night world!

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  1. I love these posts, Jenny! You're so hilarious. I also love reading about toddlerhood - something we're heading toward much too fast!