Design freak: "Vintage" pendant lights, on the cheap!

When we moved into our house the lighting over the kitchen table consisted of a 1980's track of spotlights. Our ceilings are really tall, so the light was barely making it to the table surface and it definitely wasn't doing anything for the dining ambiance, so I went on the hunt for something cheap and cheerful.

What I ended up with was a couple of these pendant fixtures from IKEA.

They cast the light I wanted but kind of lacked personality and colour - which are two musts, if you ask me!!

So naturally, an Ikea hack was in the offing.  As Luke will tell you, I will "paint anything that stands still".  I went to my friendly, neighbourhood hardware store, bought myself some funky high-gloss, enamel, metal paint and voila!

Faux-vintage enamel pendants for 30 bucks a pop. I love them! And, if I ever tire of the colour- it's just a trip to the paint section and 10 bucks later to change it up.

Enlightening, no?


  1. LOVE!! <3
    Great idea, Jennie. :)

  2. Love them! This is such a great tip. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Good job! They are unique and beautiful. I love that you can change the colour whenever you want. I need to invite you over to do some painting for me.