Love-Hate Wednesday: The fun with recycling edition

I'm tired tonight and about to indulge in a bubble bath with a book, so I'll be quick!

My first love of the week - Judah has started to make art! Our first attempt at painting was about 9 months ago and Judah promptly attempted to eat the paint...who am I kidding, he did eat paint. That experience was enough to put me off painting avec Jude for awhile. My mom, being a much braver soul than I, tried again - success!! He loved it! We've officially started an art wall in the alcove where Judah likes to hang out- it consists of one painting (which you can see in progress below) and one print out of a photo of dogs which he is in love with. Only a grandmother would take the time to scan google images for such a picture..thank heavens.

"I could capture the essence of cubism here, but I think that might freak Morai out. So I shall lower myself to squiggles."

"I am good!"

I also wanted to share a video we took this week, which I love.

I love it
a.) because it stars Jude and I'm clearly obsessed
b.) because it proves that no matter how many newfangled Swedish toys you buy a kid, they will still find garbage (or in our case, recycling) more fun.

Also, in light of the theme, I hate when Judah takes chalk to the walls...perhaps I'm squashing his Monet-mural instinct, but a mama's got to draw the line sometimes.


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  1. I just love the look of delight on his face in that second picture! So adorable.