Design freak: Springifying

As those who know me best are aware, I'm an interior design freak. I seriously LOVE it! I spend equal time browsing Apartment Therapy as I do browsing mommy blogs and Facebook...and that's saying something.

Sometimes the greatest deterrent to doing any interior (or exterior, for that matter) improvements on the home-front is the cost. If you read home design magazines and watch HGTV, you can quickly become convinced that you need to be some sort of oil tycoon with a full-time designer who is willing to hold your weak, sweaty little hand before you can buy a proper bath mat. I am stubborn and generally cynical (so my sister tells me), and not independently wealthy- so I have to get a little creative.

Our bedroom has been the one room of the house, that I've tried to give some lovin' to, but haven't been totally happy in.

 When we moved in, it looked like this:

At first I liked the colour, but after awhile I felt like I was in some sort of dark box with a big white lid. The room is tiny, yet the walls seemed to stretch up to the area of the atmosphere where the air would most definitely be too thin to breathe. Something had to be done! So we added a moulding a foot from the ceiling and repainted the whole shooting match, ceiling and all.

The results looked like this:

It was ok. Not great, a little bleak, but ok.

I can live with bleak...for about 2 months.

Today was warm. It rained. I saw grass. I got excited. I bought high gloss paint the colour of grass and I decided to springify our room while Judah had his morning nap.

Judah's nap lasted about 40 minutes. So it became a family project.

Luke, being the wonderful, understanding man he is, moved the curtain rod brackets up and out for me, so our window would seem luxuriously large (even though it isn't). Judah helped me pull some of our currently unused curtains out of the closet to brighten things up. He also helped by winging the curtain rod into the walls of the hall for awhile and then making a tent in the duvet cover. It was helpful in an entertainment type capacity.

I painted my "bedside table" chair the emerald green (Little Luke forgive me, I know that I have sinned) and painted the large, rather dark, ominous dresser mirror while I was at it. Throw in a few homemade throw cushions (and a couple needlepoints for good measure) and voila!

The after...

This should keep me satisfied until Autumn at least....

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  1. Nice! All the builder's beige at our place must hurt your psyche:)