There's no accounting for taste

Today I decided to be a super-cool parent (at least for half an hour) and let Judah choose whatever he wanted to eat for lunch. 

These were his choices...

That's a bowl of yogurt, a cracker with peanut butter, an apple, orange juice, a cheese sandwich, pickles, chocolate chips and ketchup. If I didn't know any better, I'd say he was pregnant. 

Although his dipping pickles in peanut butter was making me a bit ill, he seemed satisfied with his selections...
There truly is no accounting for taste.

I guess I best be off to prepare the hot peppers, jam and cheerios for breakfast.

Happy Friday!


  1. He looks like such a little man! Love! :) Are you in this area anytime soon? We need to have a visit!! I need to see this boy all grown up!!

  2. So I was looking at these pictures and thinking "hmm, Judah looks really different...what is it?!" Then I realized - HE'S WEARING CLOTHES!

  3. Hey now, peanut putter and pickles are good!! There's peanut butter stuffed olives at Quaker Oaks downtown Orillia!!

  4. BAHA! Randalin, you are right, this is the first post in awhile for which Judah donned clothing :)

    Erin, I definitely couldn't stomach peanut butter stuffed olives- clearly my peanut butter palette is not refined yet hehe!

    Chantal, we totally have to have a visit! Our boys need to meet!!!