This morning, just after Luke and Judah had departed for the day and I was returning to my office with a cup of tea in hand, Sadie-Cat came in from outside and followed me upstairs. It took a moment before I realized she had something in her mouth. It took a moment longer to realize the something in her mouth had a tail.

I am terrified of mice. I know it's an unfounded ridiculous fear, but I am terrified of them nonetheless.

I shrieked (naturally) and told the cat to go downstairs. Amazingly, she did not follow my directive to exit the building with her little friend. Instead, she dropped it.

And then it moved.

That's right ladies and gentlemen, not only does our cat bring mice in from outside, she brings live mice in from outside because, let's be honest, she's not hungry- she's just bored (note to self: cut back on the cat's kibble quotient).

So I did the only thing I could do in the situation. I screamed like a banshee, shut the office door and did not come out for over two hours, despite Sadie's meows of "Come see what I brought you!" under the door.

It sounded like Sadie played with the mouse for awhile- and I don't mean double dutch- but I could be wrong. I can't be sure as I was locked in the office with my feet up in the chair in case it squeezed under the door.

By lunch, I worked up enough courage to venture out into the interloper's area. There was no mouse to be found. I casually peeked my head into the doorways of the bedrooms- no mouse. I cautiously crept down the stairs- no mouse. I surveyed the main floor- no mouse.

It is now approximately 12 hours since Sadie and the mouse made their appearance, and still there is no trace. There are only three possible explanations:

1. Sadie ate the mouse whole and will hack up a diminutive rodent skeleton sometime this evening.

2. The mouse is dead and seeking its final resting place in my closet, ready to strike terror in the heart of the next person who foolishly chooses to wear the black turtleneck.

3. The sounds I heard were Sadie and the mouse dueling in the ultimate battle of the food chain. The mouse succeeded against all odds and is now under my bed plotting its revenge and waiting for lights-out so it can run itself a hot bath in the kitchen sink.

I hope it's option 1.

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