To combat the February blues this week, I ordered some local heirloom seeds for our summer garden!

If all goes well, we will have... .

Brandywine Tomatoes. How can they be bad with a name like that?

Feverfew. Lovely and excellent for treating migraines. Oh hello, best friend plant!

Heirloom, organic leaf lettuce

Jaune Flamme Tomatoes. The French lady of the cherry tomato world- you just know it's going to be passionately delicious!

Wild Lupine, to continue my ongoing quest to become Alice in the Lupine Lady book.

Oriental Poppies

 Garden sage- mmm!

And summer thyme.

And if all does not go well, we'll have something like this...

Start sending positive gardening vibes our way!


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA Love the past pic!! Was that your previous garden?

  2. Make sure you read up on preparing feverfew properly if you plan to use it internally as a tea. The leaves and the flowers are used for different things and can have toxic effects if its not dried properly. Also don't take internally if pregnant!

  3. Thanks Erin :) I will definitely try and avoid poisoning myself hehehe! I think a lot of reading will be required before I can even get these things started in the house. I'm a rookie as far as starting from seed goes...should be entertaining to say the least!

  4. Oh and Jess, that was not my previous garden (thankfully). Although I had one 6 years ago that was totally arid and would only grow hot peppers hehe!

  5. I can't wait to get gardening again this year. Last year we decided to skip it since Kris was working out of town and Kale was brand new.