Whenever I miraculously discover a free moment during the day, I find myself turning to my phone or laptop for a wee tech-fix. Then the free moment ends and a toddler or preschooler starts requesting my undivided attention, only I can't oblige because my brain won't peel my eyes away from some super-beautiful Instagram photo of someone else's kid. Oh the irony.

This week, I visited my brother for a few days, to give Luke a chance to study for his finals. I left our phone at home so I could talk to him each night. I was unfettered from the insular web for three blissful days. It made me come to a few realizations:

1. I'm a more present, fun, engaged, loving parent when I'm unplugged.
2. The vast majority of the stuff I do online is just taking up space in my life/head and not contributing positively to the life we want to live.
3. I want my life to be lived in the wide-open world, not the world as seen on a screen.

So, here I am, about to make a public declaration (because otherwise I won't follow through. I just won't) that I'm giving up all tech in the presence of my kids. I want to be present. I want to have a leg to stand on when I ask them to stop texting...or time travelling... or whatever, at dinner when they are teenagers.

I may snap the occasional picture when they do something irresistibly adorable, but now you'll have to wait until they are asleep to see it.

I have two beautiful children and only one life to enjoy them.
I plan on doing just that.

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