The first trimester- a retrospective

We made it!

The first trimester is over and we survived. I say we, because, although I had to survive the physical trials, Luke and Judah have survived an emotionally volatile and extremely sleepy spouse/mother for the past three months. Way to go team!

Where are we now?

Things that are still kind of crummy: 

If I don't eat frequently and with great gusto about 5 times a day I still get faint fast.

Sleeping is becoming uncomfortable.

Soft foods make me want to hurl.

The potential return of the constant- pregnancy UTI and as a result the return of pure cranberry juice binges.

Things that are awesome:

Our midwives.

Vivid dreams.

The return of the boobs (like a bad sequel, but good).

The ability to nap at the drop of a hat.

and, best of all, today I started to feel the definitive little bubblings of a kicker in there!!!




Hot sauce.

Bacon and eggs.

Beer (a craving I haven't fulfilled)

Suffice to say I'm giving birth to a trucker from the Midwest.

Judah's thoughts on baby now?

He points to the ultrasound and shrieks "BABY!"

He still thinks there's a strong possibility Luke is also having a baby.

He kisses the tummy when he's trying to avoid falling asleep at bedtime- the rest of the time he tries to sit on it.

I believe he's getting tired of all the hype around a baby who never shows up...

All in all, I'm glad that part is over! Now we wait 27 more weeks... anyone want to go to Taco Bell?

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  1. Congrats on making it to the second trimester. Hopefully you'll start feeling more like yourself.
    You cravings suggesting you're carrying a trucker from the midwest made me laugh out loud. I totally had the beer craving too!