7 months!

We are officially done 7 (lunar) months of pregnancy- only 3 to go - maximum (did you hear that baby?)

Where are we now?

Things that are kind of crummy: 

Not being able to breathe. If there's one thing that's easy to take advantage of, it's the ability to take a good breath and not have to think about it. Baby likes small spaces, particularly the small space under my rib cage where my diaphragm used to be. Now I'm pretty sure it's shoved up around my collar bone. In any case, I go through at least an hour or two of each day where it is nearly impossible to get a deep breath. It's not super comfortable- but hey, comfortable is not how I'd categorize this month.

Speaking of uncomfortable, I have a continually pinched nerve in my ever-growing butt (my bottom is like one of those sponge toys you pour water on and they just expand and expand). And I'm getting daily charlie horses in my left calf upon waking. Time to get some calcium supplements!

Things that are awesome:

1. Baby is huge and still has room to move, which means we get to see and feel distinct body parts from the outside.

"Oh look, there's a human foot protruding from your side."

"So it is! What do you know!"

2. We're nearing the 30 week mark, which somehow seems like the beginning of the end. I love being pregnant for the most part, but what I'd love even more is to meet this little one!

3. The nursery is almost done! Luke was a super trooper last weekend and painted the whole thing up beautifully. I finished the curtains, the crib blanket and a couple other craft projects. I have a couple more pillows to sew and some more wall art to make or source, then we should be all set. EEEK! Pics and a nursery update post to follow.

Cravings this month?


That's pretty much it. I think I could live purely on chocolate right now. I don't...but I could.

Yes ladies and gents, I'm carrying Willy Wonka in utero. 

Judah's thoughts on baby now?

When we play cars together, he ensures there is a car for baby. It's usually his least favourite car, but sometimes he feels benevolent and places his entire 6 pound John Deere tractor on my belly. I'm sure his sister is appreciative, even if she does emerge from the womb with tractor marks on her head.

Judah's also very big on telling us that he is not the baby. Today Luke picked him up and said,
"What a cute baby I have!"

Judah responded (in an extremely high pitch)

"I not a baby! I'm big boy!"

Good thing we have a baby on the way then, I don't think I'm ready to be the parent of big kids only!

Now if only he'd decide diapers were for babies...

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  1. 7 months! Amazing! I can't believe how quickly other people's pregnancies fly by (except Mariah Carey - is it just me, or was she pregnant for two years? Is she still pregnant?!).

    I'm really excited to see the nursery!