Potty training and adult ambitions

Potty training week ended with me feeling rather dejected. Although Judah was a ready participant in the potty sitting event, he was more hesitant about the sport of potty filling... as in he wouldn't... at all.

I had resigned myself to the fact that he simply wasn't ready quite yet and we'd try again in potty training bootcamp part two in November. Then, last night, we had my folks and sister over for dinner. Following dessert, we were all chatting around the dining table while Judah amused himself pantsless in the living room.

What should we hear next but, "Mama! Dada!! I peed!"

Great, I thought, one more reason to wash the couch slipcovers again.

Luke hurried over with a cloth and asked Judah to identify the damp spot and Judah proudly pointed at his potty which contained one little poop.

We lost our minds.

Not only had he pooped on the potty, he did it without prompting, cajoling, bribing or supervision!!! Incredible.
Suddenly my week off seemed completely fruitful!

The escapade has not yet repeated itself, but I now have faith it will!

Luke says his Christmas wish is to have just 5 days with no diapers before baby is born.

These are our adult ambitions.


  1. Oh, Jennie! You always make me laugh!

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