Two and two quarters & two weeks and two days

Name: "Judah Yen Hookah"
Age: Two and two quarters

Phrases of note: 
"I don't yike dat."
 "I need a snack... cackers and cheese...and tandies."
 "Oh! Tank you, Mama!"
"I don't sink so, Mama!"
    "Piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy." *Typically said to Dada when Dada asks for dessert.

Favourite activities: 
Eating protein
"Pi-yo fights!!!"
Reading books

Current favourite books: 
Frog and Toad
Mercer Mayer anything
Something From Nothing
Pie'd and Seek- an original work by Auntie Jessie and Uncle Ted

Recent milestones: 
Learning to open the very suctiony fridge door (on strong days)
Getting his own water at bedtime
Pretending dinner plates are diapers by pressing them against his bare bottom and saying "Dat a diaper?" followed by maniacal laughter. 

Name: Neve Lolkje Hoekstra
Age: Two weeks and two days

Phrases of note: 

Favourite activities: 
Expelling food
Creating laundry

Current favourite books: 
War and Peace
Paper Bag Princess

Recent milestones: 
Lifting and turning head
Staying awake for more than 15 minutes consecutively
Sleeping for more than 4 hours, consecutively, at night. This was probably a fluke. Don't get excited. 
Remaining adorable while doing face contorting impressions of Jack Nicholson. 

"The soul is healed by being with children."


  1. Judah is the funniest little guy and I cannot believe how big Neve looks already! I'm so impressed you've found time to blog :)

  2. Very cute Jennie. :)
    You guys are all so lovely.

  3. LOVE that quote! Dostoyevsky is one of my favorite authors, along with Tolstoy and Atwood...but that's besides the point.

    The kiddos are so cute! I love this little update :D