The Waiting Game

Although baby isn't technically due until January 12th, I'm feeling mentally and physically due...make that overdue. 

My ever empathetic father (he actually is) says waiting for labour must be something like waiting for death- just a terrible thing you know you have coming to you. Thankfully, I have a slightly sunnier outlook on the whole labour process (and if this pregnancy goes any longer, I'll even have time to blog about it), so when I woke up at 2 am last night, with strong, close contractions I thought the end was nigh and I was psyched!!!

I paced the halls- the contractions continued. I laid in bed shifting positions- the contractions continues. I woke Luke up and informed him something was happening- the contractions continued. And then I started thinking of the things I hadn't done yet... 

I had no Powerade in the house. HORRORS! How was I to push out a baby without a sugar-laden supply of elecrolytes? 

Not to mention the fact that I still hadn't gotten around to buying an exercise ball- CRUCIAL. I'm sure ancient cave paintings show women labouring on exercise balls. 

I hadn't gone out and found a bassinet for baby. I couldn't give birth, Judah would immediately crawl into our bed and crush her. TERRIBLE!

And worst of all, I hadn't baked muffins to have on hand for my birth team. How could I reasonably expect my midwife and family to go through my birth without a banana muffin in hand? UNTHINKABLE! 

And so, with all of these realizations floating through my mind, I can only assume my brain told my body that this was definitely not a good time to have a baby. The contractions abated sufficiently and Luke and I drifted off to sleep, hand in hand.

Today, I set about giving my brain fewer excuses for keeping baby inside. Braving the first snow squalls of the season, my mom, brother, sister and I set out for a shopping expedition and came home armed with an exercise ball, a baby bassinet and build-it-yourself, rocking bassinet stand. 

After getting in a long nap, to make up for my pretend labour, Jude and I set about constructing the bassinet stand. Much of the process involved the following dialogue:

Me: Judah, pass mommy that piece please.
Judah: No, I need dat piece, Mama.

Me: Judah, aren't you going to help Mommy make the baby's bed?
Judah: No, I building a tower, Mama... I need candy!

Me: No you don't. Give me that, please.
Judah: *running away with said piece, shrieking with delight* I build tower! I get candy too!!!

Two hours later, and with come correlation to Luke's arrival home with a drill and Judah's removal from the bassinet basket, we finally finished our Mama-Judah project.

Now I just need to get my hands on some Powerade and rotten bananas...


  1. Hahaha - Judah makes me laugh so much! Kale was also "helping" us put things together this week. It's so, err, nice of them, right?

    Also - you MUST send me your mailing address. I bought the softest moses basket sheets and Kale slept a total of 30 minutes in that thing. I've been dying to share them with someone!

  2. Wow...the time is coming very soon! We've been having the big "are we done?" conversation this week, and your post made me feel very nostalgic. Not nostalgic enough, I don't think...

    Good luck!

  3. I love your blog - so happy my sister turned me on to it (Angela is friends with your brother Luke). We have all too much in common - where we live, natural birth, crafty living - it's pretty great.

    Any chance you can recommend some other good reads? You can check mine out too :-)

  4. Jennie I can't wait for your special day to arrive!! I love the pic of Judah at the end, it must be an older brother face--Mason makes the same one!! :) Thinking of you guys and can't wait to hear the news and see beautiful brand new baby pics! Love ya lots!!

  5. Thanks ladies!!! The wait continues. Ugh. Amy Joy, you should definitely check out Randalin's blog (comment above) - Harvesting Kale :)

    Randalin, I'm totally sending you my address!!!