Christmas Calm

It's 8:30. I'm awake, because 8:00 seems to be the latest I can "sleep in"- ever. I can't even blame this poor record on being a parent. I was this lame as a teenager. My much cooler spouse and kid are still fast asleep.

The house is quiet. All of our gifts are wrapped. I'm feeling really happy and calm.

This afternoon we'll celebrate with my amazing in-laws, complete with ham buns- a family Christmas Eve tradition of ham, potato chips, celery, mayo, peppers, almonds, all mushed together on a toasted bun. Yes, it sounds really disgusting, but I swear to you, it's SOOOO good. Only took me three years to choke them down...and now you can't stop me from devouring half a plate- pregnant or otherwise. 

Tonight, the children's choir I direct will sing at the Christmas Eve service, and my mom and I will crack out Oh Holy Night, with Lukie on the piano. If I'm lucky, I'll go into labour during the first verse and we can fill up the manger on the stage with something more believable than a cabbage patch doll by the end. Yes, I really do hope labour is that fast, this time. 

Tomorrow, bright and early, we'll head over to my parents so Judah can wake up all my comatose siblings. Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like a toddler shouting "BOO!" in your face at the crack of dawn. 

It's been a calm Christmas so far. We've just been home- no big out of town gatherings, thanks to my burgeoning belly and fear of delivering on the 401. Luke is done his exams and doesn't resume school until January 9th. I'm all done work for mat. leave. It's all very lovely. 

I'm taking these final quiet moments to relish our little family of three and prepare a big part of my heart to welcome number four. We're so excited to meet her, even if we did nothing at all this Christmas, I think it would still be one of the best I've ever known. 

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope it brings each of you some small measure of peace and joy.

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