9 months!!!

We are officially done 36 weeks, or 9 (lunar) months of pregnancy. On Thursday we will be "full term" and good to go at any time... any time at all.... Wednesday would also be fine....

Where are we now?

Things that are kind of crummy: 

I am HUGE. 
On Friday, I visited the Children's section of the library with Judah. The conversation with the two librarians on duty went something like this....

Librarian 1: "So, when are you due?"
Me: "On January 12th."
Librarian 2: "January? Not December?"
Me: "Nope...January."
Librarian 1: "They have your due date wrong."
Librarian 2: "Definitely. That baby is huge."
Librarian 1: *nods knowingly*
Me: "Ok... do you have any books about trains?"

To the librarians' credit, I am suddenly measuring ahead of our gestational age. Up until this point in the pregnancy, I've been bang on - measuring 34 at 34 weeks etc. Then this week, week 36, baby is suddenly measuring 38! 


Time to cut back on the Christmas chocolate.

Luckily, the growth has remained completely centralized in my belly. I retained water at the end of the pregnancy with Judah. Like, a lot. You could have wrung me out and used me as a sponge. As a result I regained the chubby cheeks of my youth. Adorable on a 2 year old, not so cute when you're 25. This time, it's all belly, all the time. 

All belly, all the time, unfortunately means that "simple" tasks like rolling over in bed, require full wakefulness and a good deal of concentration and sighing. Needless to say, between 3 am bathroom trips - "MAMA! Me do it!!!" *Judah in a sleepy stupor stumbles into the bathroom to ensure he is the only one in the household who flushes the toilet...
midnight diaper changes -"Mama, Me need a new diaper!" *drops wet diaper on pillow beside head... 
and the antics of our street at night  - "Dude, I totally just left my pants like four blocks ago!"...
A solid night of sleep is a distant memory. All in good preparation for baby's milking schedule. :|

Things that are awesome:

Baby has dropped! Hopefully, the only time you'll hear mothers celebrating the dropping of their babies is when baby is still an internal organ, and not a suddenly delicate, tiny little outdoor creature. In my case, baby dropping means I can breathe again! My ribs can point inwards again! And I can climb a flight of stairs without sounding like I smoked a pack of Marlboro's on the way up.  

I'm almost done work! I work with an amazing group of people. I also work from home. I'm an extremely lucky person. Even so, I'm really happy to be wrapping things up on the work front. I'm ready to nest, rest and start this new chapter of our life as a family of four. 

Cravings this month?

Pomegranates! A little Persephone is perched on my bladder. 
CHOCOLATE! Doesn't matter how good or bad, large or small. No chocolate- be it sprinkle or bar- is safe within my visual range. 

Otherwise, this month my appetite has decreased significantly. Funny how you can't eat much when a tiny tenant is using your stomach for a foot rest. 

Judah's thoughts on baby now?

This month Judah is positive that the baby in mommy is "Baby Doe" aka - Joe, the baby brother of his friend Tobin. I'm not sure how he thinks Joe can co-exist, both with his family and in me, but apparently, he does. He frequently gives "Baby Doe" toys to play with. Baby Doe, so far, has proven a pretty boring playmate and the sessions are brief.

Judah is also fond of explaining to people that I can't carry him around anymore, because "Mama has a whole baby in dere!" However, when his shoes bother his feet, or it's getting close to nap time, he'll make an exception and ask "uppy mama?"

He has also taken to having mad jumping sessions in the crib. I hope baby is born with a helmet at the very least, she's going to need it. 

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  1. I am so excited for this little lady to make her debut! I really can't believe how quickly these nine months have passed. I love how Judah has come around to understanding that there is a baby in your belly - even if he does think it's baby doe.