The fridge is clean.

Cutlery drawer has been scrubbed and reorganized.

The bedroom closet is purged.

Every square inch of carpet is vacuumed.

Tops of artwork have been dusted.

Window sills have been scrubbed.

Day one of maternity leave. I think the nesting phase has begun. 



  1. So I think the ladies at the library were right and this will be a Christmas baby...

  2. I am so, so excited :)

    Might as well take advantage of all your nesting urges - I have a feeling the top of the artwork won't see a duster for awhile after there are two little ones in the house!

  3. PS - I am going to be at my parents from xmas to new years and they don't have internet. If you could hold off on having your baby during that time, I would appreciate it. I can't bear the thought of this baby being out and me not knowing.

    And I'm only half-kidding.