Two Hands

I'm alive! Yes, despite being completely absent from the world wide web, I am still here.
My absence can be blamed on numerous factors...

Potty training.
Laundry from said diapers and potty training.

Cleaning up Hot Wheels.
Cleaning up play-dough.
Cleaning up regurgitated apple peels.
Cleaning up milk vomit from my own hair.

Removing fully-clothed toddler from baby eye touching- vicinity. 
Removing half-dressed toddler from furniture.
Removing naked toddler from street-facing picture window.

But most of all, I've been absent because I almost never have two free hands. As a result I've become quite proficient with my feet (thank heavens for weirdly long toes). I can pick up laundry with them, I can flush the toilet with them, I can push Hot Wheels in a Hot Wheel race. I can shoo toddlers off of furniture. I can even use the touch pad on the laptop to navigate to my email. I cannot, however, type...at least not quickly. This afternoon though, the clouds parted, an angel chorus sang in the distance and both my children went down for their naps - at the same time!!!! This may be my greatest accomplishment to date.

And now,  a quick photo recap of what we've been doing for the past month! 

Putting mustaches on the kids while they sleep... 

Having Neve suck our thumbs...for hours...

Dealing with some sibling rivalry...

Visiting friends and their beautiful babies...

Visiting great-grandmothers...

and grandfathers...

Making crafts.

Making snowmen...and snow cats (not pictured - too awesome for camera).

 Making memories a la VIA train ride. 

Hopefully, I'll make a reappearance before another month lapses. If not, happy Spring!!!

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  1. I was so happy to see this little update! It's great to know that everyone is doing well. Judah is about the best big brother a little girl could ask for. He's going to teach Neve some craaaaazy stuff :)