Better than Christmas

The excitement in our house is practically boiling over. Tomorrow, after nearly three years Luke's parents and brothers will be returning home from Malawi for good.

Luke's brothers were home in Canada last summer, but mom and dad haven't been back since Judah's birth two years ago. We made the trip over to Africa when Judah was seven months old, but since Judah has looked like this...

Luke's mom and dad haven't seen him in person, or held him, or smelled his sun-baked hair, or rocked him to sleep. We cannot wait for them to get reacquainted. 

Tomorrow at 3 in the afternoon we'll be at the airport gate with a welcome sign and open arms and hearts. We know the adjustment will be hard for each of them- they return to a world totally different than that in which they've immersed their lives for three years, a world missing a lovely girlfriend, a tight network of school chums, a group of unbelievably strong friends who have also committed a chapter (or ten) of their lives to the warm heart of Africa. 

We hope the warm heart of our family will be some small salve in readjusting to life here. We know life will be a little bit different from here on out; a little happier we're willing to bet. 

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