Zombie mama

Well, here we are, almost 11 weeks into pregnancy number two. I fully expected to feel "normal" by now.


I had a few good days; my energy level improved and I was eating almost as much as pre-pregnancy me. Now, not so much. 

Tonight I found myself with an amazing dinner of mussels and garlic roasted chicken and veg and salad before me (typing that makes me feel ill)...and I could barely eat. I even passed up most of the angel food cake and strawberries - this is sacrilege! 

This can lead me to conclude only one of three things.

1. This baby is some sort of energy-sucking prodigy who requires little to no food for sustenance but rather feeds on its mother's limited brain cells, and will likely come out of the womb skinny with a completed Times crossword in hand.

2.  One night I slept-walked my way outside of our home and unknowingly witnessed some event so monumental or horrific that the agents behind it had to wipe my memory, hence I have simply forgotten feeling exactly this way with Judah's pregnancy.


3. This is a pretty normal pregnancy. Pregnancy makes you uber-super-extremely tired. Having a toddler makes you uber-super-extremely tired. Being pregnant and having a toddler simultaneously makes you crazy...and also very tired.

My mom assures me 14 weeks was the magic number for her. And she did this 5 times...and she had morning sickness EVERY day of those 14 weeks with ALL of us. I really have no justification for a single complaint...and I can also assure all those listening that I have no intention of doing this five times. Small mercies.  

On the very big plus side, Luke's family is home! Judah was tentatively happy to see them...mostly from a distance. I think it'll take a bit before he'll let them carry him and hold him without putting up a "fuss", but with so much love coming his way, I don't think his resistance can last too long.

On the other very big plus side, it's Father's Day and I am lucky,
a.) to have an absolutely wonderful dad, who modeled for me what to look for in a good man, so that 
b.) I married a man who I am quite confident is the best father in the world. He has been tireless in chasing after Judah, cooking, doing laundry and all the other fun life stuff that I've had no energy to do- always with a smile. It's Father's Day, and yet I'm the one feeling thoroughly spoiled. 

So yes, I am nauseous and I am exhausted but through it all I'm seeing that I am also extremely blessed. Even the blah-ness of  pregnancy can be a gift. 

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  1. Oh Jenny, I totally feel for you. I had morning sickness (why is it called this?? I was sick ALL DAY) for 18 weeks!!! I was literally taking naps at my desk at work. I was pretty much a non-functioning human for this time. I can't imagine going through it again with a toddler. You deserve a medal.