Friday was a beautiful day, so we took advantage of the rain-less forecast to make a trip to the zoo. I love the zoo, I don't really know why and I'm too tired to dig into my psyche to find the reasons...let's just suffice to say I like monkeys.

Last year was Judah's first out -of- utero visit. He spent a lot of the time sleeping. This year he was far more engaged in the experience...just not by the things we thought would engage him. At the rhino exhibit for example, the two amazing, gigantic dinosaur like beasts actually woke up and wandered across their little acreage to where we were standing. 

Luke and I excitedly pointed and made all sorts of hyped-up explanations about how cool these animals were....and Judah completely ignored us, to look at a Canada Goose in the enclosure and endlessly shriek "Duck!!" 
I'd like to point out that he sees geese on very nearly a daily basis, this was not the mind-blowing miracle sighting he was leading everyone to believe.

The turtles engaged him slightly more, but the ramp beside their aquarium was much more fun.

And of course, nothing captivated him as much as the completely animal-free props along the walkways. We spent more time in this African bush tent than looking at the lions. The kid likes to imagine...lions aren't great imagination partners.  

We took in the "Guantanamo giraffes" as Luke deemed them, since they were at their "houses" for the day and not roaming free. Judah's bum took in his diaper. 

The African Penguins, however, were a total hit. Judah was mesmerized. 

They were so cute, you couldn't help but love them.

My favourite part of the day was the Grizzly bears. I've been to the zoo at least half a dozen times in my memory and I never remember the bears doing anything but sleeping. This year, however, the day wasn't too hot, they had just been fed and they were playful!

Luke and I were in awe of the sheer size of them and totally amused at their play...Judah was not impressed. He was extremely concerned for the welfare of their ball. He loves balls.

My favourite part of the video: the 8 year old girls' commentary.

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