Pregnancy: take two

Thanks so, so, so much to everyone for the well-wishes and congratulations about baby twosie. We are extremely happy and feel totally blessed to have the amazing support that we do!

I'm going to be a diligent blogger for this pregnancy, 1. because it's kind of fun for baby to look back on- I mean, I'd love to know what my mom was eating (I think it was chili dogs) and listening to (probably Stephen Sondheim) when I was in-utero. 

And 2. because I need the lasting reminder of how this feels, so my future self doesn't just remember sunshine and rainbows and go for twins...my future self is bad like that.

Now to answer the questions everyone's been asking... 

Where are you now?

We're 9.5 weeks in. Baby is due sometime between January 9th and 12th. However, if it's anything like Judah, it will be aiming for Valentine's Day, so for the sake of my sanity, it's probably safer to say the 12th.

How have I been feeling?

My pregnancy with Judah was a total dream. I felt nauseous for approximately 20 minutes each morning for approximately 6 days around week 5. This baby is an entirely different animal (seriously...like it just lost its tail). I felt fantastic until the middle of week 5 and then, despite my vigilant intake of vitamin B6 it all started to go downhill. My appetite vanished, and I mean VANISHED...like I could have gone 4 days without food and been totally happy. I am wise enough to know, second time around, that babies like to eat, however, so I forced myself to eat tiny portions of crunchy foods (everything had to be crunchy). Baby's 5-7 week period was fueled by apple slices , toast, barbecue chips, crackers, dry cheerios and milk.  


Not only did I not want food, I didn't want to do anything. Nothing at all. Except, of course, lay on the living room floor (which seemed like a comfortable place at the time) and sleep. And I did sleep. Lots and lots and lots. And when I wasn't sleeping I dragged my sorry bum around and tried not to look like a zombie while attempting to hone in on bbq chips somewhere...anywhere! Weekends were one long catnap/ waking sleep, weekdays were characterized by a countdown to 5 pm when I could crawl across the hall to my bed and get in a nap before I had to stare blankly at my dinner plate.

It wasn't pretty, but it was manageable. I treated my nausea with more B6 and many small helpings of crackers. 

Then at 7.5 weeks, on a Tuesday to be exact, I was hungry for dinner. I cooked (which was a small miracle considering the previous 3 weeks of fridge and stove avoidance). Homemade chicken nuggets, couscous and broccoli with cheese before me,  I ate like a Labrador who's missed a week of kibble. I was ravenous I tell you! RAVENOUS!

Since then, I've been eating normal meals again, although my cravings for crispy are still present and have resulted in more than one binge on veggies and dip. My nausea is not completely gone, but it comes and goes as quickly as a good house guest; staying just long enough for you to remember your time together, but not long enough that they're cut from the Christmas card list.

What does Judah think?
Judah has finally come to the conclusion that the baby is in my belly (or bra depending on the day) and not down Daddy's shirt as he firmly believed for the first two months. If you ask him whether he's having a brother or sister his answer will be "Sit-ser" or "Brudda" depending on the day. Today he suggested we name the baby Cheese. I think Judah's cut from the baby naming committee.

All in all, we're so happy to be welcoming another child into our home and our family. It will arrive in the midst of Luke's school semester and the dead of winter, so I'm sure many entertaining stories of chaos will ensue. All the chaos will be worth it we know, just to have that new life to love.

8 weeks


  1. I'm so excited to follow your pregnancy on here! I'm even more excited for the hilarious Judah antics that are to come as 'Cheese' grows.

  2. umm that is your 8 week belly?! wow

    also, I had a similar experience with the morning (evening) sickness when I was pregnant with Laura: for quite a few weeks I was'n't inspired to eat anything, and then all of a sudden I REALLLLLY wanted to go to Subway. I'll always remember it as the most glorious sandwich I've ever had. :)
    Glad to hear you're starting to feel better. Looking forward to more pregnancy posts!! :D

  3. I'm glad you're blogging this so I can say to myself "ah yes, this is why at the time i kept saying 'never again'" lol.
    I was SO tired at the beginning of my pregnancy... it was all i could to to get through work and i had to eat dry cereal all day to keep from feeling woozy.
    I can't even imagine being that tired now while looking after Toby... He would either have to learn to be independant really fast or i would just have to push myself around in the wagon lol.