Since Judah was born some 18.5 months ago, heck, since Judah was conceived 10 months before that, our life has been a series of firsts.

First pregnancy test, first meeting with  midwives, first time wearing elastic- waist pants, first four- day- labour, first delivery of large 8 pound child from tiny woman, first night wondering what the heck we'd done, first smile, first realization that you'd do anything for this tiny creature, first effortless breastfeeding latch (hallelujah!), first roll from front to back, first crawl, first taste of fruit, first word, first birthday, first steps, first tantrum...so many firsts, some wonderful, some not so much, but all of them momentous.

This week we've had two new firsts emerge...

Thursday night when we were in our hotel in Ottawa, I spotted Luke giving Judah's neck a very thorough once over. Then I watched as he tried to scratch something off of the spot where he had been staring. Judah looked perturbed. I was intrigued. I came over to see what was happening.

Luke said "There's something stuck to Judah's neck."
I said "It's his first freckle!!!"

And so it was, we laughed, we wept, we celebrated- ok, I made that last part up, but we were pretty excited. Our little baby with all his perfect baby skin was suddenly transformed into a toddler with an attitude and skin markings to match.

And, because we are first-time parents, we later took a picture of it. Although, I'm sure even you will admit it's pretty darn cute. ..if you look really closely... 

Our other first this week came in the form of Judah's first haircut. Most of Judah's little baby friends have had multiple haircuts by now. In fact, I'm pretty sure the majority of his buddies would look like ewoks had their parents waited this long to give a trim. Judah, however, is always honing his "soon to be a super senior citizen" skills (eating at buffets in track pants, slipping in the bathtub, shouting at teenagers etc.) complete with only growing hair right behind the ears so it just sits on the collar of his shirts. Even then, his hair is so blonde, you can only see it in the right light. This weekend however, someone asked him if he was the drummer for Lynard Skynard and I knew it was time.

The before...

I was slightly terrified here. The last trim I performed was on my sister 15 years ago. She ended up having a bob at the level of her eyeballs.

The after.

Next first to tackle...potty training!
(Heaven help us).


  1. I LOVED when Toby started getting freckles. He has one on the back of his leg that i kept thinking was a poop crumb and had to keep reminding myself it was permanently there lol.
    I still can't bring myself to cut his hair. It curs up at the ends a bit so it doesnt look as long as it is... maybe this summer i will...

  2. Oh my goodness, wait until you meet Little D. He needs a haircut already, and he'll only be 8 weeks old on Wednesday!!

  3. I love Judah's freckle. So tiny and cute.
    We had to cut Kale's hair a few weeks ago because it was hanging in his face. I wish I could have waited because he had no idea what was going on and kept turning his head toward the scissors. It looks like Judah did a good job of keeping semi-still for you!

  4. Randalin, Jude also wanted in on the scissor-action. I just distracted him with a video on the blackberry. Phew! Plus the whole thing took about 45 seconds haha :)