New Year- New Blog...cliché ? Yes. Awesome? Still yes.

Here we are, our own little corner of the interweb.

This is my third (or is it fourth?) attempt to keep a regular blog. I always start with good intentions and end up finding myself stricken with laziness and a lack of inspiration. This time will be different, darn it!

Luke, Judah and I rang in the new year with a particularly over-zealous strain of the flu. We're only just emerging from the fog of Gravol, ginger ale and naps.

Although our quotidian reality is not that fascinating, this little project does help me fulfill two of my New Year's resolutions: to journal and to hone my extremely lacking photography skills. Now keep me honest people!

Now, for your viewing pleasure, a look at our year so far...

When fighting the flu a Viking helmet almost always helps.

As does eating raw orange peppers Iron- Chef style.

Judah's New Year's resolution: ensure all recycling is properly sorted.

Judah's idea of a great portrait: try to get behind the camera while your photo is being taken.

Happy New Year's everyone!

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