Love- Hate Wednesday!

We shall call this Love-Hate Wednesday the wet boot edition, for they are the first inductees to the hate category!!!

I just got in from the great polar outdoors that is London, Ontario, took off my wet boots and immediately soaked my socks in a puddle left my dearly beloved's wet boots. Luke's boots seem to have a problem staying on the floor-mat, not that it matters much because the floor mat is so soaked it likes to diffuse its contents onto the hardwood- hence the sock soakers. I'd like a way to fix this problem, short of having a really ugly rubber mat in my tiny front hall, but have yet to get a brainwave. So, I'll probably have wet feet until June. There are worse things...I think...

Now, on to our other nominees!

 I love that Judah is finally into a toy that doesn't have a motor. Lately he's been on this hyper-masculine car/truck/tractor kick. 
We were starting to think he wasn't actually our kid. 
Then today he chose his Malawian doll and wanted it wrapped in a blanket (repeatedly) for him to snuggle.
There's our good little hippy boy!!

I don't hate this, because I can't really hate anything Judah does. So I'll say I dislike that Judah's on a nose picking kick. A kick he employs best in the worst moments.  For example, when a nice old lady in the library comments on what a cute child he is, Judah promptly shows her his nasal content. 
It ruins the moment.  

I love my big, red, cast iron cooking pot. Everything that comes out of it is magic!

I hate the giant mess that results from approximately 40 seconds of Judah destruction. His new favourite activity is emptying all his toys from their storage onto the floor...and then stamping on them...
As you can see, Luke also finds this exasperating. Or his head is just incredibly heavy. 

 I love side-of-the-road furniture finds. Both these pieces were sidewalk pick-ups in the past few months. The dresser (my most recent acquisition) holds all of Jude's downstairs toys and books so I can pretend adults live here after he's gone to bed. The chair could use a professional re-upholstery job, but until we win the lottery/Luke graduates we're making due with some wool suiting fabric I found at a consignment store and some air nails - because, you know, staples are for wimps....

And that, ladies and gentlemen, are this week's love-hates! 

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  1. Judah can pick his nose for me anytime. I'll still think he's awesome.