Love-Hate Day

Wednesday is kind of a love-hate sort of day for me. It has the dubious distinction of being the furthest day from the weekend on both sides, it has a weird spelling and quite frankly leaves me feeling generally uninspired. Enter love-hate day! A day when I can refocus on the good stuff in my day/ week and vent the bad.

Here are today's love-hates in pictorial form...

I love when Judah plays the didgeridoo...because it's incredibly adorable...obviously

I love how much Judah loves balls. He loves them so much that he sings them love songs.

I hate how my poached eggs usually shed half their bulk in the water and become ooey non-yummy gunk.

 I love that Judah has hair finally!! When it's dry you can hardly see it, but here's the dripping wet proof!

I hate diaper changes ...enough said.
 I like my Monet inspired front hall vignette (in the works)...I hope I will eventually love it with reckless abandon.

Heck, I just want Monet's house to be mine. Look at that dining room!!! YELLOW!

Turns out, Wednesdays aren't so bad after all.

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  1. I would just like to back you up in the hatred of diaper changes.