Hi everyone, 
I've been delinquent with the blog posts this week. Not because I'm lazy (even though that's partly true), but because we've been back in Ottawa!

More stories to come when we're home again, but for now some pictures of Judah's Ottawa adventures to date! 

"After about midnight my dad starts to fall asleep at the wheel. That's typically when I take over."

"All these high falutin' politicians and no one in this city knows how to properly swab a deck!"  

"Take me to a Beaver Tail stand!"

"A wagon full of food!? What is this place and why don't I live here?"

"And now, for my second piece, I'd like to play a Chopin- A,B,C,D medley."

"This is what satisfied pizza eating looks like... oh and space cadet pizza eating as well."

"The view from my hotel balcony. It would have been even better if mom had let me stand out there without my pants on."

"It was a challenge to monopolize a king size, but I rose to it."

"I'm telling you people, it's a lot colder in Ottawa than in Southern Ontario. You need big boots. And yes, I recommend them 11 sizes too big so you get the air circulation around the toes."

"Yes, hello. I need to speak to Stephen Harper. I'm hoping to get some chips for breakfast legislation passed.... sure, I'll hold."


  1. Wow, I must really seem creepy commenting on this 5 minutes after it was posted. haha. I swear I wasn't sitting here waiting for it!
    I just wanted to say that I love the king size bed picture, and the phone booth one. :)
    Hope you guys had a fantastic time!

  2. Judah is such a ham, I love it! Your captions kill me. Seriously. I laughed so hard reading this (and so did Kris!).